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As per my Guru Teachings the following herbal plants are essential to do rasa procedures both in Ayurveda and alchemy.

  1. Sonti
  2. Pippali
  3. Pepper
  4. Mustard Seeds
  5. Chitramula
  6. Ginger
  7. kuru root
  8. Tungamusti
  9. Manduka Brahmi
  10. Bodataramu
  11. vishnukranta
  12. Galijeru
  13. Ponnaganti
  14. Sarpakshi
  15. Sahadevi
  16. Pillipechara
  17. Triphala
  18. Nalladintena
  19. Hamsapadi
  20. Aloevera
  21. Ankola
  22. Goddukakara
  23. Guntagalagara
  24. Lemon
  25. Tamarind
  26. Garlic
  27. Ponnaganti
  28. Velama sandhi
  29. Mayura shiki
  30. Penneru
  31. Garika
  32. Black Lotus
  33. satavari
  34. Nalleru
  35. Adavikanda
  36. Agnikarnika
  37. White Arka
  38. Drumstick
  39. Ummetta
  40. Gandha Trunam
  41. Rasamkusha
  42. Banana Tree
  43. Red Chema
  44. Vavili
  45. Madugu Tamara
  46. Devadali
  47. Patala Garudi
  48. Tummi tree
  49. Kamanchi
  50. Marata Flowers
  51. Turmeric
  52. Red Sandal
  53. Jaji Flower
  54. Takkila Tree
  55. Maredu
  56. Nela kadimi tree
  57. Kusumba Tree
  58. Katutumbi
  59. Potti stem
  60. Tantepu Tree
  61. Suryavartamu
  62. Muluvempali
  63. Hasti
  64. Shundi Tree
  65. Chendra                                                                                                                                    The above plants/Trees has divine powers and collection of these plants will be based on the appropriate methods like day,Nakshatra..etc, on specific time and date these trees gets unbelievable powers,hence in the normal days they consists less power and normal in nature.One should get “Mulika Sidda Vidya ” through Guru then no need to learn any sastra regarding to Ayurveda.                                                                   * Please note that for collection of any plant,herb you need to take a willful permission from that plant as per the procedure otherwise the plant will release toxic materials internally.



The Effect of non purified & Purified RASA

In the previous lessons we learned that basically RASA consists poisonous dhosas,without properly purified RASA causes to rise more number of diseases like leprosy,liver failure,Kidney failure, TB,Cancer,blindness even death.Simply it will act as a slow poison when taken internally without purification,so i am suggesting to the practitioners of rasa sidda Ayurveda please check the purified RASA more number of times before you give to the patients

When the purified RASA will destroy all the diseases of the human body and gives immortality, Asta siddis(super natural powers ) and make the man equivalent to Lord Shiva.

In the view of alchemy those who properly intake of the purified RASA with additional herbs for certain period even their sweat is also has the power to convert poor metals into Gold.

So,purified RASA is the essence of the power of Lord Shiva

Purifying Methods of RASA

  1. Svedana: Steaming mercury with a number of plant substances, some minerals, alkalis and salts;
  2. Mardana: Rubbing steamed mercury in a mortar along with some plant and acidic materials;
  3. Murchana: Triturating mercury in a mortar with some more plant extracts till it loses its own character and form;
  4. Uthapana: Steaming mercury again along with alkalis, salts, the three myrobalans, alum etc., and rubbing mercury again in sunlight so that the characteristics of mercury, freed from impurities, are brought into play again;
  5. Patana: Three types, viz. urdhva (upwards); adhah (downwards); and tiryak (sideways); grinding mercury with alkalis, salts and others, and subjecting the product to distillation;
  6. Rodhana: Mixing the distilled mercury with saline water in a closed pot to restore the ‘vigour or potency’ of mercury;
  7. Niyamana: Continuation of the process by steaming mercury for three days with a number of plant products, alum, borax, iron sulphate, etc., to restrain the motility of mercury;
  8. Sandipana: Steaming this product with alum, black pepper, sour gruel, alkali and some vegetables substances to ‘kindle’ the desire of mercury to attain the power of assimilation;
  9. Grasa or Gaganagrass: Fixation and assimilation of the ‘essence’ of mica (gagana) to the desired extent;
  10. Carana: Boiling this product with sour gruel, leaves of certain plants, alum and others for a week so that mica is fully assimilated;
  11. Garbhadruti: Heating and treating mercury with the desired metallic substances so that the ‘essence’ of the latter becomes ‘liquified’ and the resultant, after cooling, passes through a piece of cloth;
  12. Bahyadruti: Obtaining ‘essence’ of minerals or metallic substances also externally;
  13. Jarana: Heating the mercurial product with the desired minerals or metals, alkalis and salts so that they are fully digested or assimilated;
  14. Ranjana: A complex process involving the treatment of mercury with sulphur, gold, silver and copper as well as salts in such a way that mercury attains colour;
  15. Sarana: Digesting mercury with gold or silver in an oil-base to increase its ability towards transformation;
  16. Kramana: Smearing mercury with several plant extracts, minerals, milk, etc., and then heating it carefully with a view to enabling it to possess transmuting powers;
  17. Vedhana: Rubbing the resultant mercury with a few select substances including oil so that it acquires the transmuting power;
  18. Bhaksana: Consuming the prescribed quality of the mercurial product which has undergone the foregoing 17 processes, for the rejuvenation and longevity.

(This sequence was rigorously followed by Indian alchemists; but there were variations in the choice of plants and their extracts, salts, alkaline and acidic substances, minerals and other ingredients).


Creation of RASA:

One day in krutayuga all gods prayed Lord Shiva for the cause of birth of Lord Subramanyeswara, then Lord Shiva participated sexually with Sri parvathimaata at that moment Semen of Lord Shiva Fallen into the Agni (Fire) then Lord Agni can’t hold the Semen of Lord Shiva and it fallen into the earth and spreaded all the directions (Due to the Reason RASA is also called as ‘Shiva Veerya’)

At that movement Sri Parvathimaata got angry about that and cursed all the RASA spread in the directions except west become useless.

After this incident the yogis recognized this incident through their Divya Drusti and started taking into their body then they became immortal and also they got Asta siddis easily. Then all the gods went to Lord Shiva and prayed that due to taking of RASA all the human are attaining immortality and need to stop immediately. Then Lord Shiva imposed 8 types of Dhoshas(Poisons) layered on RASA which any ordinary person if swallowed he will die immediately and if any person who got the siddi of Lord Rudra and after clearing all the 8 Dhoshas he will become immortal and get all the siddis.

 Types of RASA

As per the lord Shiva RASA is categorized into five types:

  1. RASAM
  1. RASAM:

                It has the colored RED and free from all the doshas.


                 It has the colored BLACK with high instability.


                 It is in the colour WHITE.


                 It is in the colour light green without doshas


                 It has mixed colours like peacock feather when it purifies gives all the siddis.

  In the above list RASAM, RASENDRAM both are rare and we can’t get them. Remaining SUTHAM, PARADAM and MISRAKAM are available now.

Gati of RASA:

Based on the instability nature of the RASA we can found five different Gatis (Natures):

  1. Jala Gati———- Water Nature
  2. Hamsa Gati——- Flying Nature
  3. Mala Gati———- Poisonous Nature
  4. Dhuma Gati——–Gaseous Nature
  5. Jeeva Gati——— Cosmic Nature

*In the above Gatis we can see only 4 of them and the last one Jeeva Gati can be controlled by only mantra power attained by the sadaka by getting siddi of Lord Rudra in proper way and proper place.

*Note: Today so many people are trying to practice RASAVADA in labs this will never get success. Without getting siddi of Lord Rudra nobody can utilize the RASA. As a Science Graduate I never believed the mantra sastra until I met my guru, he showed me how the mantras ignite our inner energies and attract cosmic powers.

* I will explain the construction method of LAB (RASA ashram) as per the Lord Rudra in next lesson.



                                                         Om Namah Sivaya

Lord Shiva one of the famous god in the Indian Tradition,he is the god of destroying and the god of protector,the guru of all Vedas (Dakshinamurthi Form) and so on………………

He is the god to the Rasavadam, here Rasa Means Mercury also called (Shiva veerya).Based on the applications of the Mercury it has two most significant features. One is it gives immortality to the human beings using in Ayurveda,Second it has the power to convert all the metals into Gold when it is properly treated.

I am Neelakanta from Tamilnadu state , I completed my B.Tech(Electronics) and due to strong zeal in research about Ancient Indian Technologies I learned various vidyas like Hata Yoga,Ayurveda,Danurveda,Jyotisya Sastra,Mantra & Tantra Sastra and Rasavada from various sidda Gurus(Yogis) at various parts in India about 7 years.

Now through my blog I want to reveal the knowledge of Rasavada and its applications in Ayurveda only and I don’t want to explain about Alchemy due to unwanted reasons.

This is my request to the readers that dealing with mercury is most dangerous because it is a poisonous material and all the information given by me in this blog is informative nature only.All the experiments should be explained in this blog are practiced  strictly  under the supervision of experts only.And the information is most useful to the experts who is already in practice

If any doubts regarding to learning rasavada please contact me at : 9908040451 or