The Effect of non purified & Purified RASA

In the previous lessons we learned that basically RASA consists poisonous dhosas,without properly purified RASA causes to rise more number of diseases like leprosy,liver failure,Kidney failure, TB,Cancer,blindness even death.Simply it will act as a slow poison when taken internally without purification,so i am suggesting to the practitioners of rasa sidda Ayurveda please check the purified RASA more number of times before you give to the patients

When the purified RASA will destroy all the diseases of the human body and gives immortality, Asta siddis(super natural powers ) and make the man equivalent to Lord Shiva.

In the view of alchemy those who properly intake of the purified RASA with additional herbs for certain period even their sweat is also has the power to convert poor metals into Gold.

So,purified RASA is the essence of the power of Lord Shiva


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