Creation of RASA:

One day in krutayuga all gods prayed Lord Shiva for the cause of birth of Lord Subramanyeswara, then Lord Shiva participated sexually with Sri parvathimaata at that moment Semen of Lord Shiva Fallen into the Agni (Fire) then Lord Agni can’t hold the Semen of Lord Shiva and it fallen into the earth and spreaded all the directions (Due to the Reason RASA is also called as ‘Shiva Veerya’)

At that movement Sri Parvathimaata got angry about that and cursed all the RASA spread in the directions except west become useless.

After this incident the yogis recognized this incident through their Divya Drusti and started taking into their body then they became immortal and also they got Asta siddis easily. Then all the gods went to Lord Shiva and prayed that due to taking of RASA all the human are attaining immortality and need to stop immediately. Then Lord Shiva imposed 8 types of Dhoshas(Poisons) layered on RASA which any ordinary person if swallowed he will die immediately and if any person who got the siddi of Lord Rudra and after clearing all the 8 Dhoshas he will become immortal and get all the siddis.

 Types of RASA

As per the lord Shiva RASA is categorized into five types:

  1. RASAM
  1. RASAM:

                It has the colored RED and free from all the doshas.


                 It has the colored BLACK with high instability.


                 It is in the colour WHITE.


                 It is in the colour light green without doshas


                 It has mixed colours like peacock feather when it purifies gives all the siddis.

  In the above list RASAM, RASENDRAM both are rare and we can’t get them. Remaining SUTHAM, PARADAM and MISRAKAM are available now.

Gati of RASA:

Based on the instability nature of the RASA we can found five different Gatis (Natures):

  1. Jala Gati———- Water Nature
  2. Hamsa Gati——- Flying Nature
  3. Mala Gati———- Poisonous Nature
  4. Dhuma Gati——–Gaseous Nature
  5. Jeeva Gati——— Cosmic Nature

*In the above Gatis we can see only 4 of them and the last one Jeeva Gati can be controlled by only mantra power attained by the sadaka by getting siddi of Lord Rudra in proper way and proper place.

*Note: Today so many people are trying to practice RASAVADA in labs this will never get success. Without getting siddi of Lord Rudra nobody can utilize the RASA. As a Science Graduate I never believed the mantra sastra until I met my guru, he showed me how the mantras ignite our inner energies and attract cosmic powers.

* I will explain the construction method of LAB (RASA ashram) as per the Lord Rudra in next lesson.


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