Om Namah Sivaya

Lord Shiva one of the famous god in the Indian Tradition,he is the god of destroying and the god of protector,the guru of all Vedas (Dakshinamurthi Form) and so on………………

He is the god to the Rasavadam, here Rasa Means Mercury also called (Shiva veerya).Based on the applications of the Mercury it has two most significant features. One is it gives immortality to the human beings using in Ayurveda,Second it has the power to convert all the metals into Gold when it is properly treated.

I am Neelakanta from Tamilnadu state , I completed my B.Tech(Electronics) and due to strong zeal in research about Ancient Indian Technologies I learned various vidyas like Hata Yoga,Ayurveda,Danurveda,Jyotisya Sastra,Mantra & Tantra Sastra and Rasavada from various sidda Gurus(Yogis) at various parts in India about 7 years.

Now through my blog I want to reveal the knowledge of Rasavada and its applications in Ayurveda only and I don’t want to explain about Alchemy due to unwanted reasons.

This is my request to the readers that dealing with mercury is most dangerous because it is a poisonous material and all the information given by me in this blog is informative nature only.All the experiments should be explained in this blog are practiced  strictly  under the supervision of experts only.And the information is most useful to the experts who is already in practice

If any doubts regarding to learning rasavada please contact me at : 9908040451 or neelakanta121985@gmail.com



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